Fabric: style and eco-responsibility

Upon starting my fabric search I looked for a couple of things: any fabric that I liked and vintage/retro and pinup inspired prints (but that I still liked…some are not so pretty). But here’s the thing: not only was it hard to find what I was looking for in the local stores to begin with… but good luck finding anything even remotely eco-responsible.  Not to mention finding these fabrics at reasonable prices.

For those that know me and my other business pur alternatives know that it’d be pretty hard for me to start doing anything else without knowing about the environmental impact and the health risks (especially concerning chemicals), which in this case would include questions around natural vs synthetic, growing processes around natural fibers, manufacture and processing of the fibers and cloth, and dying materials…even where the materials are coming from! (I’ll return to these questions in later posts)

So where does that leave me in my fabric search.  A couple places: I’ll get what I can find locally, I’ll start trying to source fabrics online, and I’ll scavange old clothing to upcycle. The end result: I will wind up with a line made from new fabric, an organic line (also new fabric), and an upcycled line of one or two of a kind pieces (more if I can find larger quantities of fabric). Preference will always be given to local sources, and if that’s not possible, Canadian (or least distance travelled).

Suggestions for great fabric sources are welcome- I’m especially looking for affordable organic cottons, and hemps, fabric dyed from natural (plant-based) sources, anything retro/vintage/pin-up inspired, or actual vintage fabrics or clothing that can be re-purposed (from personal donation or second hand stores).


~ by Stephanie on January 4, 2011.

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