Side Projects: Fun pillow-cases for my daughter

First of all: can we say spoiled?

My daughter is 11 months old, and loves to play on pillows. She will even fall back into them and enjoy thier comfy-ness. For Christmas she got a couple of pillows that were just for her. I decided that instead of going and buying plain old pillowcases that were like what everybody else had, that I would make some special ones that were just for her (can you tell she’s an only child?). So during one of my fabric runs I looked for some fabric for this project too. now they didn’t have exactly what I was looking for (and I paid a little more than I probably should have- considering it would have cost less to just buy some regular pillow cases…). I did pick out a couple fabrics that were close enough.

Ava loves pink (not at all like me in that respect), so that had to be incorporated…here’s what we went with (she came with me for the fabric run): a deep pink cotton and a furry zebra print!

So after some delays (what with taking on way too much in other areas of my life), I finally got them made…

Here is the finished product (with much more accurate colour depiction than in the other photos for some reason):

And here is my adorable before and after picture…I think Ava has reclaimed her pillows from Lily!


~ by Stephanie on January 14, 2011.

One Response to “Side Projects: Fun pillow-cases for my daughter”

  1. In response to a custom order request for these pillowcases, I have priced them out for any who may want a set. For a set of two pillowcases as shown, $30.00. Please contact me if you are interested (please note, this price does not include shipping).

    *If fabrics run out/become unavailable, I will post that the item as shown is no longer available to order.

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